Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beans in the backyard 2012, week 1

 May 6

We spotted Farmer Wagenbach planting something on April 23, and by May 3 quite a few of the seeds had sprouted and broken through the earth.  By the time our first measurement day came on May 6, many of the little sprouts were 1.5 inches tall, and they are definitely not corn plants.  The bottom photo was taken on May 8 since I neglected to get a close up image on the 6th.

After having spent the last few years studying corn, we now get to watch soybean plants grow and mature, right in our backyard!


  1. Yeah, soybeans! I look forward to your blog over the summer growing season.

    -Mrs. B

  2. I thought the general consensus was that "Beans in the Backyard" was way too cutesie...

  3. Mrs. B -- I figured most of our readers would be disappointed by the absence of corn this year, but I didn't anticipate excitement over soybeans. From you, I think I understand the excitement.

    Kathryn -- some might call it "cutesie," but alliteration is hard to resist.