Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Construction update #38

It's hard to believe that Construction update #37 was over a year ago, but it is appropriate that this project follows that post from last year.  Just as I had sympathy for my guests last year, my sympathy stretches to another section of the yard this year.

Since the driveway in front of the house is not very big, our visitors occasionally have to park in the parking area to the south of the house.  I think that parking area is much improved over its state four years ago, but the trip to the house still required either a detour to the path by the barn, or a saunter over the lawn.  Most of our visitors chose the saunter.  Since we sometimes have damp ground when friends come to visit, I felt bad that their trip to the house was less than ideal.  So one Saturday in late October I decided to do something about it.

After a few hours of moving dirt and gravel, the trip to the house suddenly looks a bit more civilized.  Note the curve of the path, intended to provide our guests with an idyllic stroll to the front of the house.

Looking back at the house from the parking area, it's not hard to imagine why our guests were sometimes in a quandary about how to gracefully reach the front door.

Now the path to the front door should be obvious to even the most obtuse, and above all, I hope it says, "Welcome to our home!"


  1. What a lovely path. I can't wait to saunter over it! ;o)

  2. It looks great and no more muddy footprints to mop up either. :)


  3. That idyllic path positively invites sauntering, does it not?

    Due to the industry and foresight of the person who owned my house in the mid-1950's, my yard has no less than four cement pathways from and to various entrances... and (even though they are perfectly straight, not in the least idyllic and prompt brisk no nonsense walking rather than sauntering) I love every last one of them... especially since I have Noah to shovel them all for me:)