Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basement bathroom project, part 2

The basement bathroom project has progressed enough that we are now using the facilities, and getting rather used to the addition to our home.  Instead of immediately showing you what the room looks like today, we can appreciate the progress by observing the stages through which the room has passed.

At this point the drywall was hung and finished, and the girls had covered it with white primer.

This view from the tub back to the door illustrates one of the challenges of this project.  The cabinet in the corner was too tall to get into the room after the drywall had been attached to the ceiling, so we had to move the cabinet in before the drywall went on, and work around it at every step of the way after that.  If anyone ever tries to remove that thing, they'll have to do a little bit of head scratching before they get it out!

After agonizing over dozens of paint chips, we committed to two bluish-greenish glazes sponged over a lighter shade of bluish-greenishness.

The view back to the south helps me confirm that the wall color coordinates well with the cabinet color.

This is the way the bathroom looks today.  An observant eye will notice several phases of the project not yet complete including mounting the shower head, and shower curtain and rod.

We're still looking for the right mirror to mount to the wall, and are making due in the meantime with the simple mirror shown.  The baseboard and door trim are also still undone, but their absence hasn't much stifled our enjoyment of this new room.

Finally, the part of the room that I find most enjoyable: the glass block window.  I derive great pleasure from natural light, and I think this room benefits greatly from the light that streams through this window.  Sometimes I stick my head in the room just to enjoy the ambiance.


  1. Very nice. Yah know, Joe and I will soon be putting in a bathroom at the Eureka house. You should come supervise. ;-P

  2. Struggling with a bit of envy here... if you could only see the condition of my bathrooms.. oh my goodness me. The downstairs "powder room" (which of course is the one that guests use) is particularly heinous. On the bright side, I have recently painted the walls a very pretty shade of blue- not nearly as pretty as the multi-shade thing you all got goin' on though. That paint treatment is really pretty.

  3. Fantastic! What a pretty bathroom. I especially like the paint choice. All your hard work has paid off.


  4. Jeremy -- I'll gladly supervise! Can I bring my lawn chair?

    Thanks for the compliments Diane and Victoria. You'll both have to come visit so you can enjoy the ambiance!

  5. WOW!!! That is amazing!!! You guys are one talented family.

  6. Had to laugh at the last sentence! It's fun to see a project become reality.

    Mrs. B

  7. Mrs B -- now I have a hard time remembering what that room used to look like!

  8. Hi I am trying to repair a similar pump out tank in my basement which looks just like yours. Might I ask what manufacturer made the black tank with top where the sewage collects and is pumped out. Has 2 pipe connections and electrical feed for pump through top

  9. Shelburne, we bought our basin at Menards, and I believe it was from AK Industries.