Thursday, September 8, 2011

Corn in the backyard 2011, week 16

September 4

Last week growing degree days = 198
Historical average growing degree days = 152

Growing degree days since planting = 2868
Historical average since planting = 2508

A few days back near 100°F meant plenty of GDUs and good drying weather for most of our area.  If it hadn't reached black layer before this week, this corn is surely there now. 

Here's a look at the stalks and ears we've been watching,  Lots of dried plant matter in this photo.

I found an ear whose husk had peeled away to reveal all these lovely kernels.  I think this ear is a good indication that despite the hot weather at pollination, there aren't many kernels that did not develop.  That's the good news.

The bad news came with a bit of rain on Saturday.  As the front moved through, the winds leading the rain were strong enough to knock over some significant sections of stalks.  That darker brown area in the middle of the photo contains many damaged stalks that may prove difficult for the combine to pick up at harvest.  We'll pray that Farmer Wagenbach is successful in gathering all the grain in the field, so his yield doesn't suffer.  Who said growing corn wasn't exciting?


  1. "Who said growing corn wasn't exciting?"

    My sister.

  2. Farmer Wagenbach says that the brown spots in the field that blew over had stalk rot which caused the plants to die prematurely which affected the yield

  3. Tara -- I knew I'd heard that somewhere.

    Farmer Wagenbach -- sorry your crop experienced the stalk rot. I hope your yield didn't suffer greatly.

  4. I hope Farmer Wagenbach ends up with a successful harvest. It looks like he works very hard to get all that corn to grow.