Monday, August 1, 2011

The most comfortable chickens in the county

Just down the road from our house live the most comfortable chickens in the county.  They don't settle for chicken wire walls or plywood roofs, they live in splendor!  Wall-to-wall carpet, individual beds, a kitchen, and bathroom, and above all: air conditioning!  (Although by the position of the windows, it appears the air conditioning was turned off when I took the photo).

PETA should have no complaints here as, sadly, these chickens have a more substantial residence than about 80% of the world's humans.  It's apparent the owners that provide for these pampered poultry cherish these tender birds, and wish to provide them with all the advantages a bird might need to succeed in the world today.  I wonder how they taste?


  1. So trailer life is actually luxury living for somebody other than the people one sees getting arrested on the TV show 'Cops'. Who would have thunk it? ;-P

  2. I just read this morning about the one million folks still living in tents one year after an earthquake in Haiti. These chickens have it a whole lot easier than them.
    Even with current economic conditions, we still need to be thankful for how much God has blessed our nation.


  3. Jeremy -- I have it on good authority that one can be very comfortable in a trailer

    Victoria -- we do have a lot to be thankful for, and I pity anyone that loses their residence or has never had a stable one