Sunday, June 19, 2011

Corn in the backyard 2011, week 5

June 19

Height = 38 inches
Last week's growing degree days = 133
Historical average growing degree days = 148

Growing degree days since planting = 750
Historical average since planting = 652

I think last week's cooler-than-average weather was responsible for the slower growth rate since our last measurement. Growing degree days are still well ahead of the historical average, so it's no surprise that the corn is off to a strong start. Even though the growth rate slowed this week, stalk height is still 11 inches ahead of where it was at this time in 2009 when the stalks topped out just two inches short of ten feet tall. Forecasts for this next week indicate we may see slightly fewer growing degree days than an average year, so although it may be more comfortable for us, this may also be the week that the corn falls back in line with 2009 totals. The sixth week of growing that year saw an amazing 222 growing degree days, which added an equally amazing 21 inches of growth in one week! Check back next week for more corn growing excitement!

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