Monday, May 16, 2011

A Springtime Survey of Our Property

We've been pleased with a few things of beauty around our yard over the last few weeks, and we would like to share them with all of you.

At the end of April, the almond bush exhibited more blossoms than we've ever seen on this bush. We transplanted it from a shady spot a couple years ago, and I think it likes full sun better than shade.

About the same time, the primrose plants were blooming in another area. These were also planted a couple years ago, and this was their best performance as well.

This is a typical branch on the cherry tree in late April. We were astounded to see so many blossoms after a big cherry harvest last year. Alas, by early May we experienced a freeze in our yard, and many of the potential cherries died. It looks like a limited crop of cherries this year.

I took this photo of the chives today. They've done well the last couple years, and it looks like they are almost ready to consume now.

I planted this new food crop in mid April as a rhizome, and I hope to find enjoyment in measuring the growth of at least six of these plants this summer. Can anyone identify it?

Last, but not least, is the neighboring property to the west where something was planted about a week ago. This photo was taken last Sunday, but there is nothing sprouting yet. Don't lose sleep worrying about this field, I'll provide all the details as the growing season progresses. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Is it some kind of berry plant? Raspberry or grape? :)
    ~Sarah Whitaker~

  2. Sarah -- Nope, not a raspberry or grape. Although it is a member of the Rosales order, it is not part of the Rosaceae family. Nice try!