Friday, March 18, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg in March, Day 6

Our final day at CW found us alone again since the Madeiras left early to travel on to South Carolina. We tried our best to keep a stiff upper lip, and soldiered through an unusually warm day (at 86F, it was a new record for March 18 in Williamsburg).

We've shown images of this tranquil little garden space in previous posts, but obviously never as it appears in March. It shows more promise than it did in November, but I still think I prefer April or May.

We also showed a close-up of the fabric on the canopy of this bed in the Governor's Palace in November 2009, but it's been changed since then. According to my research, the old fabric, although pretty, was close to thirty years old so one can hardly criticize the decorators for changing it.

After the Palace tour, the girls found a peaceful spot to sit atop the ice house mound at the north end of the Palace gardens.

My beloved strolling on the path beside the Palace gardens canal.

We found this work of food art in the Palace kitchen. Made from sugar, this windmill serves as a reminder of the full-size windmill that was dismantled from the Randolph House property recently. Rumor has it the windmill needs repairs and will be restored as funds allow.

We had a delightful conversation with this group of well-dressed ladies from Savannah, Georgia. I believe at least four families were represented in their group, and each person was dressed in costume when they toured CW. We exchanged email addresses and blog names, so we'll try to keep track of their activities in the future.

This nicely decorated hat caught Lily's eye at The Millinery Shop.

We finally had a Thomas Baker sighting on the last performance of Friday afternoon! He had performed earlier in the week, but since we hadn't watched every program, we somehow missed him. In this image, Thomas is closest to the camera in the front row of fifers.

Here's a video of the corps performing one of their songs. Thomas is on farthest from the camera in the front row in this video. If you have trouble seeing the video full width, you can right-click on the image and choose to watch the video on YouTube.

We'll close our reporting from Colonial Williamsburg this week with a photo of Thomas and his proud parents. Poor Thomas is frequently compared with his over-achieving brother David, but Thomas seems to be holding his own in following in his brother's footsteps.

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  1. Thank Ü for the wonderful tour, Mr. Riggenbach. It added so much to our memories of last week.

    Mrs. Merry :o)

  2. My pleasure, Mrs. Merry. BTW, you can see blog posts of some of our previous CW trips by clicking on the Williamsburg "Label" on the right side of the main page... enjoy!

  3. It was our pleasure meeting the Riggenbachs! Look forward to getting to know you better through your not dull at at all family blog. :)

  4. I have been very negligent in posting encouraging comments on these "very clever" posts. Perhaps because they make me a tad bit blue that I am not there with you. :-(

  5. Riggenbach Family,

    It was a pleasure to meet you in Williamsburg this year. I particularly enjoyed looking at your beautiful clothing; it is so nice to meet another family who loves dressing in period clothing!

    Susan Liana Gibson

  6. Mrs. Heritage -- I'd like to think getting to know us in person is preferrable to getting to know us through the blog, but maybe this is better than nothing!

    Kathryn -- don't be blue, start planning the next trip!

    Susan Liana -- your comments perfectly express our sentiments as well! We look forward to seeing you all again someday.