Thursday, March 17, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg in March, Day 5

When we're vacationing with the Madeiras, there's every reason in the world to stay up late laughing, eating, and wondering why we don't do this more often. So although Wednesday night was a fun night of catching up, Thursday was a bit slow getting started.

Instead of going directly to CW this morning, we stopped to visit Jim Burnley at the offices of Burnley & Trowbridge Co. first. Jim and his wife Angela organized the polonaise class Lily attended in Jamestown last summer, and they have been promoters of historically accurate clothing for years (not to mention they sell lots of goodies related to making clothing). This time I wanted to try on some shoes, and Lily was shopping for ribbon.

We talked the Madeiras into trying the lunch buffet at Nawab Indian Cuisine, which we think is one of the gems of Williamsburg. I heard Tim making all sorts of "mmmm" and "oooo" noises, so I think he liked it, but then I haven't seen too many foods that Tim doesn't like!

Once back at CW, we ran into the Courter family resting and posing for photographs. We met them at the Family Economics Conference in Raleigh last weekend, and have enjoyed getting to know them.

The girls had fun simply sitting and chatting outside Tarpley's Store on Duke of Gloucester Street.

Even though we didn't do a record amount of walking today, looking pretty all day long can evidently be a lot of work.

Until one simply crashes.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Lily, did you trim up that dress differently? I don't remember it having the frills and you had mentioned you had trimmed some of your older dresses... it looks fabulous! That's the kind of trimming I want on my next dress. I think we had better do a Colonial dress sewing weekend, don't you?