Monday, February 21, 2011

February cycling -- Illinois style

My friend Tim in Pennsylvania posted a video on Facebook of a motorcycle ride he took last Friday in gorgeously uncharacteristic weather there. That prompted me to get out on the bike yesterday to enjoy the mild (55 F) weather here in Illinois. Although it was not as sunny and pleasant here as it was in PA two days earlier, it was still satisfying to enjoy the mild weather, and record the ride on video for Tim's, and your, benefit.

This was my first attempt at recording video while riding (I didn't have the luxury of having someone else do the filming), so I was disappointed that the wind noise makes it hard to hear what I'm saying. I'll leave it to our carefully observant readers to determine the full message I've left for Tim in the video. Give me your best guesses in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. It sounded like you said something along the lines of, "Tim, please know that I am so jealous of you for living in Pennsylvania." Then as the second car approached, it sounded like you said, "If I don't survive this ride, I want to be buried in Pennsylvania."

    Am I close? ;-)

  2. Oh Jeremy, I think your roots are showing. Your guess is not very close, but I can understand why you might interpret it that way.

  3. I believe your words were...

    "Thanks for the inspiration to get out and ride. It's not Harvey's Lake, but it's what we've got."

    The rest was unintelligible due the the motor noise from your machine...what kind of Harley do you have there, and when are you going to get Karen out on the back of that thing so you can keep both hands on the handlebars? ;-)

  4. Nice! Yeah, Daddy had a nice steady hand on the back of the bike holding the camera ;-) I think you had a little easier time holding it steady on your nice flat straight roads!

    I can't wait to see all of you in March...I'm counting down the days! I have an early anniversary gift for you and Mrs Riggenbach that I can't wait to give you!!

  5. Tim -- you captured it almost perfectly. I said, "Hey Tim, thanks for the inspiration to get out on the bike. It's not Harveys Lake, but it's what we've got." The last part was a local adaptation of a line from a recent Chrysler commercial (that's available on YouTube), but I'll leave that mystery for our sharp readers.

    All -- the Harveys Lake reference was because I believe Tim's video was shot on the road around that lake. Type in "Harveys Lake, PA" at Google Maps and you can even do the Street View feature to find the spot on the road where the video was shot.

    Rachel -- nice flat straight roads?! I intentionally went to the one curvy road in the entire county so the road would be halfway interesting! I'm counting the days until we get to see (most of) your family too!