Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The National Weather Service is expecting 16 to 20 inches of snow in our yard by the time this storm is finished tomorrow, so I thought it might be nice to document our conditions on Tuesday morning.

This radar image grabbed from Intellicast indicates we are firmly in the snow band (blue) as of 10:45 AM.

The view from the living room toward the southeast at 10:54 AM.

The view from the family room toward the southwest at the same time.

The view across the deck toward the west-southwest.

And finally the view toward the south-southeast.

The wind is currently out of the northeast, so our best drifting action may be on the southwest side of the house today, although if the wind shifts later we could have nice drifts on several sides. The NWS is predicting 25-35 mph winds for the airport, and we usually get stronger winds than they do, so I think drifting is inevitable, and could be impressive!

I think I could use Noah tomorrow, because we don't normally get snow like this....


  1. Hope y'all are staying warm and snuggly!

  2. Looks like lots of shoveling ahead. My husband was in Boston on business last week and found himself in the middle of one of their blizzards. Quite an experience.
    Time to get out the hot chocolate and sit by the fire!



  3. Heather -- you can count on us to gravitate toward the warm and snuggly approach.

    Victoria -- I would guess I've got a few hours of shoveling ahead, although it probably won't be as bad as 6 inches of wet spring snow.