Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raspberry harvest

Even though this picture represents our entire harvest so far this summer, we're still tickled. You see, we just planted eight raspberry canes in late March (courtesy of the Bandy family), and we didn't expect any fruit until next year. The plants are still pretty puny, but when your garden exceeds your expectations who can complain?


  1. Hmm.... now, let's see... will it be jam or the freezer for these beauties? ;-)

    We didn't end up getting anywhere near the amount of cherries we thought we would, so we just scarfed 'em all down. No preservation worries after all. So sad... we'll be jealous of all your cherry pies come winter! We've been much more fortunate with strawberries and blueberries though- Amelia is going to put up some mixed-berry jam and strawberry-lemon marmalade this weekend... yummmmeee!

  2. Oh, look one for each person?

    The Bandy's recently reminded me how much I love Raspberries. Our grocery budget isn't very happy, but I sure am. :)

  3. Wow, I seriously didn't expect ya'll to get anything this year either!!! I guess those Red Raspberries like the environment up there. ;-)

    Well, there's one berry for every member of your family.. :-)

    And I got a link to my Blog in your post to boot!!! Yee-Haw!!! Just in time for my TN trip - Grace is going to post updates while on our trip both on my Blog and FB.

  4. Diane -- I suppose we could save all our raspberries and maybe we'd have enough for a tart by September. The mixed berry jam sounds good, but I'm still trying to imagine what strawberry-lemon marmalade tastes like.

    Whitney -- unfortunately, I think one person ate them all when the rest of us weren't looking!

    Emil -- thanks for your part in feeding our family this summer! I look forward to following your TN trip electronically.

  5. I'm not certain about the marmalade myself, honestly. We saw the recipe and thought to give it a try. We'll let you know how it goes;-)

  6. What an abundant harvest, considering the circumstances. :-) That amount would be just enough to whet my appetite for raspberries though... I could eat a bushel (ok, maybe not a bushel, but a lot!).
    I don't know what ya'lls problem is... strawberry lemon marmalade sounds marvelous to me!

  7. ...and shouldn't it be "y'all's?"

  8. If ya'lls wasn't a word, it is now... (speaking in technicalities, I suppose it should be ya'll's, but it doesn't look as nice in print. To my credit, I did consider it while I was typing the comment).