Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Corn in the backyard 2010, week 10

July 4

The stalk I've been watching measured 98 inches tall on the 4th, which means it was "eight feet high on the fourth of July!"

Although there were tassels appearing last week, they were much more wide spread this week, along with the ears you can see on the stalks in this image. Even though the corn is quite a bit less uniform this year than in the past, most of it is looking pretty good. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Mr R,
    I am going to Boy Scout camp this week, and could you pray for me? Thank you, Noah.

    Mama is going to need prayer too, I am so anxious about having him go! arr...

  2. Noah, I'll be praying for you all week. Is there anything specific I should pray for? Make sure you tell me about it when you get back.

  3. Mr R. Thank you for answering me. I am worried about doing good on my merit badges and getting along with the other boys because they all go to public school and I'm not used to them. Except my friend Charles. Thank you. What can I pray for you this week?

  4. Noah, there are a couple of things: 1) I have to report for jury duty this week, and I usually have a bad attitude because it often seems like a waste of time; please pray that I can have a good attitude. 2) We also have a lot of outside work to do at our house, and it has been hot and humid lately which makes it hard to get much work done. Please pray that I can have the strength to do the work I need to do. Thanks!

  5. My mom and I prayed for you and your family this morning before breakfast. WE ARE HAVING BREAKFAST PIZZA!!!!!!

  6. Dear Riggenbachs... I wanted to let you all know that I visited Noah last night at camp for a parents' night event and was just so pleased and proud and humbled. Pleased because he seemed to be so relaxed and happy; proud because he really seemed to taking on a leadership role with the other boys (in spite of the fact that he is a poor unsocialized, isolated homeschooler); and humbled because I know that the Lord has once again chosen to bless me and mine farrr beyond anything we deserve or could even expect. Amelia overheard a couple of the leaders talking about Noah, what a great kid he is, what a great attitude he has, and how quickly he is progressing. I could have cried when I heard that, as you can imagine.
    And all I can say is: only by the hand of God♥

  7. We're rejoicing with you Diane in the grace that God has showered on Noah and the rest of your family. I can't wait to hear all the details.