Friday, June 18, 2010

Cherry Harvest

A couple months ago, I showed an image of our cherry tree in full bloom and commented about the chance that we may have a good harvest this year. A few heavy rains knocked some fruit off the tree before its time, and the bugs beat us to a few other cherries, but overall the harvest was pretty good.

Over 36 quarts of pitted cherries have been harvested over a couple weeks, most of which is resting frigidly in our freezer. Praise God for good harvests!


  1. Yay! I'm looking at those bags and thinking someone is going to be having some yummy pie this winter:-P

    We are going to pick cherries this Wednesday night and I am not quite sure how I will be processing them yet. I just have my little freezer on top of my fridge and that won't hold a lot. I'm thinking I might can them... we'll see. I'll keep ya posted!

    cuz I'm sure you'll be awaiting that news with bated breath.. right?


  2. Diane -- we already started enjoying the pies when we took one to church today. You know we always wait with bated breath to learn what's happening in Tomato Soup Cake Land!