Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First mowing of the year

Two weeks earlier than last year, but maybe that's what happens when the temperature peaks out above 80°F several days in the first week of April. Part of me wishes I could put this off for another 6 months.


  1. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of historical data that you have stored away. I'm doing good if I remember to write down the mileage when I last changed the oil. Right now we can't decide if the goats are over due or under due because nobody took the time to note the exact date of the billy goat's arrival. Maybe there's a business opportunity in there somewhere. "Kurt's Important Fact Recorder Program"?

  2. We haven't mown yet, but I think it will not be too far off:( I still have to rake and clean my yard, so hopefully I can put off the mowing for at least another week! Mowing is one of the few things that I hire done (maybe the only thing, now that I think of it!) Noah is probably getting old enough now to do the mowing... but then I'd have to actually purchase my own mower. Yipes, the mere thought sends shockwaves of horror through my nervous system... where to buy one? what type to get?? is this salesperson trustworthy??? And then when I finally do choose one, purchase it and get it home, I have to figure out how to maintain the thing (they take gas right? do they need oil? ok, now where exactly does the gas and oil goin??) whew....

    It's totally worth it for me to pay the guy across the street once a week. Totally.

  3. You know, posts like this generally don't generate very many comments ;D

  4. Anonymous: If it weren't for this blog, I'd have no idea when I first mowed last spring. I think the more important a fact is, the less likely I'll remember it. How about "Kurt's Trivial Fact Recorder Program?"

    Diane: I hope Noah is helping you rake and clean up the yard, since that's the natural first step in earning the privilege of mowing the yard. I agree that paying the guy across the street makes sense now. I think it will be time to get a mower when Noah can do the research and purchase the mower with his own hard-earned cash. At that point, the mower could be his mode of earning more cash by mowing the yards of other neighbors, but then you'll have to make sure he's not too busy to forget his own yard.

    Kathryn: it appears that posts like this only appeal to more mature tastes...

    Emil: thanks for the advice

  5. Actually Mr. R., that is an excellent idea about Noah and the responsibility-for-the-mower thing! I never would have thought of him researching/purchasing it himself and using it to generate some funds of his own. You can now sleep well tonight, knowing that you have enriched the life of our family(and really I know I joke a lot, but I do mean that sincerely♥)

    And as for Noah, helping me with the yardwork, he most definitely does and will! Weirdly enough, he actually enjoys such things and is more persnickety about the appearance of the yard than I am myself.... maybe the kid needs therapy, I dunno;-)

  6. Diane: I think Noah's enjoyment in working in the yard and being persnickety about the appearance are natural expressions of the desire to take dominion that God places in the heart of every man. I'd be more concerned about him if he didn't have those desires. I think he shows a lot of promise.