Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The mystery is solved!

Finally some clear images to explain what the mystery is all about. Lily has been busy on a little project for the colonial me, and it is now ready for unveiling. The curls peeking out from under my hat in the image below are not the result of follicle fertilization, but Lily's first attempt at wig making. Actually it was more like wig manipulation, but I'll explain that below.

Lily worked hard since the first mystery post to get the wig ready for its debut at Liberty Day, but that plan was foiled when I forgot to pack a critical part of my costume: my breeches. So this is the first public viewing of the finished product. I had to adjust my hat a bit to accommodate the extra volume on top of my head, but I think we'll be able to make it work.

A "hats off" view so you can see a bit more of the wig. Please pardon the beard and mustache -- I know it's not period-correct, but I wasn't motivated enough to shave it off for just a few photographs.

Here's a rear three-quarter view so you can appreciate the side curls and the pony tail complete with ribbon bow.

This is what we started with (and what appeared in that first Bigfoot-esque mystery photo). This is obviously a different color, but the same brand and style: the Lacey Deluxe Showgirl! The online store selling the wig says it makes a fine Miss Piggy, Mae West, Mona Lisa, Ivana Trump, and others, but they don't mention middle-aged colonial gentlemen. Go figure. I guess they don't have much imagination.


  1. Someone guessed early on that the mystery photo was Kurt. Now who could that have been...


  2. You make quite the dashing colonial gentleman, beard and mustache not withstanding. Such a pity you couldn't even wear it for Liberty Day! My dad is still envious of that hat.
    I think Lily can be officially called, "incredibly amazing" (since she was already amazing). I think you should send in your photos to the vendors of the showgirl wig and tell them they are missing some options on its uses. *grin*

  3. hm... I think it is our inalienable right that we should see the original photo... ;-)

    Because you know what, you never really, truly told us what's completely in the first photo :D

  4. I sort of wondered why you weren't dressed out for Liberty Day when the rest of your family was. Great pictures! Do you ever 'club' the pony tail? Not sure when exactly that was done or by who, but it is a way of wrapping the ribbon down the ponytail and tieing it again at the end.

    Mrs. Bringe

  5. dlr: Congratulations on being the first to post a correct guess back on March 1, I'm sorry we couldn't acknowledge that fact back then.

    Kathryn: thanks for the compliment. We're all pretty impressed with Lily's work too.

    Emil: the first photo is me wearing the wig before Lily modified it -- the fact that the photo is blurry is no accident.

  6. Mrs. Bringe: our research indicated clubbing was mostly done by men in the military, although we tried it and had trouble keeping the tension loose enough that the wig didn't fall off the back of my head!