Friday, March 12, 2010

High-Tech Mystery-Solving Assistance

It's a good thing we have computers and the internet to help us solve the mysteries that spring upon us. I found GazoPa, a "similar image search" engine that tries to match all the images on the internet with an image that you upload. Desperate for help in solving our mystery, I gave it a try. There are literally thousands of images that share some similarity to our mystery photo, ranging from scenic shots to x-ray photos to portraits. These two seem to be the most likely matches:

This first one is Dmitri Mendeleev (try wikipedia if you don't remember him from your chemistry studies).

The second is a statue of Vladimir Lenin (if you must, you can also learn about him at wikipedia). Do these images have anything to do with our mystery photo? If they do, what is the connection? Is there another image on the internet that gives us more insight into this mystery? So many questions.... but so few answers.


  1. Now you are creeping me out. You are suggesting you have had Lenin sightings in your area?!?! :-)
    Sorry but I am no more enlightened than I was before. Maybe it's just because I am too lazy to do the research?

  2. hm, I think I'll just take your advice and simply be patient... :D

  3. Kathryn -- a lot of research probably won't get you as far as a more-powerful tool like Photoshop...

    Emil -- I didn't mean to imply that you just give up and let time reveal the mystery, especially when one could make all sorts of wild speculations!

  4. Your mystery picture also bears some semblance to John Wilkes Booth, who oddly enough lived in my hometown for a year and performed at a theatre that was just around the block from my house.

    >>>John Wilkes Booth, United States President Abraham Lincoln's assassin in 1865. In 1864, one year before Lincoln's assassination, he formed an oil company and stayed in Franklin for a time, performing at the Franklin Opera House.<<<

    Although the image could also be Mr. Coyer. I have trouble telling him and John Wilkes Booth apart sometimes. (Just joking!)