Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

i.e. March 14 = 3.14

If you weren't at Providence Church to help us eat these today, I guess there's always next year....


  1. And if I may say so myself... the cook did an excellent job!! :-) they were delicious!!!

  2. So, will you be making anything special for next Mole Day or doesn't that count since it'll be on a Saturday?

  3. You certainly celebrate interesting things... for my part, the last thing I want to celebrate is math! :-)

  4. Pi are square. No wait, yours are round. :)


  5. Kathryn,

    For what it's worth, math might actually be Satanic. A friend of mine pointed out that there are some folk who hold to the view that Lucifer was a worship leader prior to his fall. They get this by how they interpret Isaiah 14:11-15 and Ezekiel 28: 12-15.

    Given that music is so steeped in math and music has such a "strong" connection to Satan, it's only a hop, skip, and a jump to declaring math to be Satanic.

    Of course I don't actually believe that math is Satanic. Neither does my friend, fortunately. Just the same, it is funny to know that math does have a sketchy past. :-)

    Now you don't have to feel guilt for not celebrating math. It is of the devil, same as rock & roll music. ;-)

  6. Jeremy -- fortunately we have until October 23 to figure out what would be appropriate for mole day. The fact that it occurs on Saturday this year does not dissuade us in the least.

    Kathryn -- God has bathed all of life in mathematics that you take for granted. Don't despise it, praise God for it...

    Victoria -- har, har, har...

    Jeremy -- comments like that are liable to get you banned from this blog. It's a good thing you know how to make winky faces.

  7. My Amelia made a pie very like yours! Hers was, however, made as a bribe... err, I mean gift for her longsuffering math tutor. (I even posted about it: )
    Poor guy, I think he deserved a whole lot more than a pie;)

  8. Diane -- Amelia's pie is beautiful! I especially like the scallops on the crust border. Maybe we'll have to try that detail next March...