Sunday, February 28, 2010

Unusual sightings in our area...

Hmmm.... what could it be?


  1. What could it be?

    How 'bout a picture of the Unabomber?

    BTW, I can't recall ever being more creeped out by anything as much as I am of the picture that you just posted.

  2. Is this a possibility?

  3. If you stand back far enough and cross your eyes it looks like he has a mustache...Is it YOU Kurt????:D

  4. I think it sorta looks like you took a picture of a TV screen while the signal was getting some interference...

    But that doesn't sound very interesting....

  5. Ummm.... this is a boring guess, but someone has been playing with Photoshop??

  6. Emil -- you must not have a digital converter box yet...

    Kathryn -- actually it was Corel Photo-Paint, but that's not the point...

  7. lol.. you're right, we haven't...

    Perhaps this post falls under the category of: one thing very clever? :)

    Obviously it's a person, if I can guess again, I'm going to say it's either Lily or Gretel... but then of course... that's probably not right... because that would mean that you would have implied that perhaps one of your daughters is big foot.. so... if that's not right I give up...

  8. The Children of Your Anonymous Homeschooling MomMarch 5, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    We think a game of 20 questions is in order or at the very least some more hints. :) In the mean time,
    Is it....

    1. One of the Riggenbachs in disguise?
    2. A joke playing neighbor?
    5. Nate Koch with a mustache?

    When was this person sighted?
    It says "SIGHTINGS" so was there anything else sighted?

    It appears to have a mustache and its coat looks sorta like a army uniform. Reminds us of an army general.

    Please tell us if our guesses are worthy of a engineer.

    Oh and by the way, we think your blog should be named 3 things very clever indeed. It's anything but dull.

  9. OK... sooo... are you revealing the answer or not? Or am I required to make a legitimate guess before you do so?