Wednesday, February 3, 2010


In April of 1997 we bought a brand new Ford Taurus that we hoped would serve us for many years. As of yesterday, it's traveled 200,000 miles and continues to serve us well. This is the first vehicle we've driven this far, and I'm grateful for each additional day of service we can squeeze out of it.

I'll spare you the details of the Toyotas, Hondas, and Mazdas that died before they reached this milestone, I'm just happy to finally drive a car this far. If someday it hits 300,000 miles, you'll read about it here first!


  1. I had a Nissan Altima that I drove for well over 200,000 miles and the only thing I ever had to replace was the alternator... well other than tires and oil and wiper blades and that sort of thing. It was the best car I have ever had, and especially good at driving in the horrible winter weather we have up here. On the advice of my father, I finally traded it in. When I asked the folks at the dealer what they were going to do with it, they said that they'd probably just junk it. Junk it?? It was the best car ever made! Why would they send it to the junkyard??? We still miss that car.. sniff:(

    When I left the dealership that day, I felt like I was abandoning a child or a very old friend or something. I don't think my girls have ever completely forgiven me;)

    May you vehicle be just as valiant as my trusty Nissan☺

  2. Wow, Kurt, I'm shocked that you found a Ford that's given you that many miles! Just to put April of 1997 into perspective for you, I was finishing 11th grade at that time.

    BTW, I'm glad that the election turned out well for Mr. Risinger. He received my vote. I know a few people in addition to you who all spoke highly of him.

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  4. Diane - I think you win the prize for commenting the fastest. No sooner had I posted and your response was there! I'm sure I'll have similar feelings about the Taurus when we finally get rid of it, although we tend to keep our cars until they are a pain to keep running and you're glad to see them go!

    Jeremy - thanks for the vote for Mike Risinger. As it turned out he didn't have many to spare!

  5. It says that you deleted a comment at 2:34 PM. I can't believe that it wasn't one of mine. I always assumed that I would be the first person to have a comment booted from your blog or that I'd receive a lifetime ban. ;-)

  6. That was a kinda funny thing... I clicked on your blog and it gave a sort of *blink* and then this post popped up. I thought it was some sort of misfiring of my decrepit old computer, but now I'm wondering if I didn't pop on here in the exact instant that you published your post. Funny:-) The Riggenbachs and the Tomato Patch must be on the same sort of bloggity-wave-length or something;)