Saturday, November 14, 2009

More NEPA highlights

Since we enjoy hiking and natural beauty, the Madeiras introduced us to a portion of a beautiful state park not far from their home. We weren't prepared for the rigorous 6 mile hiking trail, but the picturesque 100 yard hike seemed just right for early November.

Follow this sign and you can't go wrong.

Tim showed me where he and his brothers jumped off the rock into the stream when they were boys. Evidently the park rangers frown on that activity nowadays.

This view from downstream shows significant flow for this time of the year.

Tim couldn't resist demonstrating his acrobatic prowess 12 feet off the surface of the water.

Our entire group for the hike, minus the photographer, of course. Poor Rachel wasn't feeling well enough to join us.

Fortunately we got to spend some time with Rachel later in the day. Notice Rachel's soothing effect on Zoe the dog.

Another highlight of the day was the Chocolate Lava cake and ice cream for dessert. Chocolate seems to be a theme when we're with the Madeiras.

Another activity that involved Tim, his dad, his nephew D.J., and me was the construction of this fortress. Tim appreciates a shelter for the plow so he can attach and detach it with minimal snow around the coupling. In the past, he has built less permanent structures based on the fiberglass roof piece, but decided to make a stout enclosure this year. We used 4x4s nestled in concrete porch piers with 2x6 supports between. Eventually, Tim will add something to the three walls to keep the snow from blowing under the roof. In case you hadn't recognized it, the roof is from a pop-up camper (in true Red Green fashion), and similar items can be found near the dumpster of most camper dealerships. I think Tim's "plow garage" will be the envy of the neighborhood and he may have to keep it locked up so no one steals it!

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  1. I really love Pennsylvania. Your State park pics are making me jealous.

  2. The park pictures are beautiful! Wish I was there. :-)
    Ohhh.... chocolate lava cake. *bliss*

  3. Noah heartily approves of rock-to-stream-jumping and thinks it is "really really sad" that you guys didn't get to partake of such fun. Pooh on those silly park rangers! He also approves of the lava cake and ice cream. me too:)

  4. Jeremy, my eleventh priority in life is to make people jealous.

    Kathryn, *bliss* sounds like an appropriate description for what we experienced.

    Diane, I'm sure Noah keeps your hands full. BTW, tell him thanks for the daily proverbs!