Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Ambitious Amphibian

I stumbled across another frog (or toad) visiting our home a few days ago. The fact that the animal was present was not unusual, but the place where I found him was rather unexpected.

The picture is blurry because our simple digital camera had trouble focusing with the screen mesh between the lens and the amphibian. The screen is on the inside of the cupola on the top of the roof of our barn. The white sheet metal behind Mr. Frog are the louvers on the sides of the cupola. I'm not sure how that animal made its way all the way to the roof and up inside the cupola, but it must have been a long and arduous journey!


  1. Tornado-like wind? Jet pack? Dropped by a flying pig? ...

  2. It was probably trying to escape from our children and didn't want to stop till it knew for sure it was safe!!! LOL :)

  3. Jeremy -- it had occurred to me that the frog may have been dropped by a bird, but I had not considered the other options you've presented...

    Plattners -- your scenario is also likely, although that would make the journey even more long and arduous than I had imagined...