Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tremont Turkey Festival

If one wants to see the Village of Tremont work together to produce something bigger than themselves, one need only visit the Turkey Festival. Hundreds of volunteers pitch in to prepare and serve barbecued turkey and strawberry shortcake, while bed races, tractor pulls, turkey tossing, a beauty pageant, a parade, and many other activities keep folks entertained. The main Festival activities don't get into high gear until Friday afternoon, so Thursday night is "Buddy Night" on the rides where two can ride for the price of one, and the crowds are not yet overwhelming. We invited some friends to join us for our quota of thrill rides and carnival food.

This is the view of the carnival area from the Ferris wheel looking west. Not huge compared to theme parks, but the biggest thing to hit Tremont each summer.

Lily and Karen sixty feet above Tremont.

On to "Pharaoh's Fury" where Gretel and Karen can't resist screaming.

Karen and Lily are up on the top of this ride somewhere, but you can't see them from here.

Gretel on the big swings with her friend, Emma.

Believe it or not, that blur in the middle of the photo is Karen and Jessica on what appeared to be the fastest, most gut-scrambling ride of them all. The forces were so strong they pulled a 5" hat pin out of Karen's hair, allowing her hat to be pulled from her head. Amazingly, both items were recovered and no one was injured.

As if that weren't enough for Jessica's stomach, Gretel convinced her to ride on this contraption that appeared to be a human sized bread kneader.

The strongest stomachs in the bunch. Although both seemed to have their fill by the time the night was over.

What better way to end an evening of stomach turning than with a funnel cake. Karen had one bite, Jessica couldn't stand to be near it, and it was all Gretel, Lily, and I could do to consume the whole thing. If my health insurer knew I was eating that I'm sure they would have cancelled my policy.


  1. Kudos on avoiding the major civil suit and possible criminal charges associated with impaling an onlooker with a hat pin.

  2. Wow, you all are far more brave than I am. I am the girl who can only be convinced to ride the roller coaster in the Six Flags Kiddie Land. :-) Ok, so that was years ago. I'm still not convinced, however, that anyone could talk me into that Pharoah's Fury.
    I'll stick with the ferris wheel...

  3. You all are pretty adventurous. I prefer to watch not ride. :)


  4. I must admit, this post is far more interesting than watching corn grow.

  5. looks like everyone had a wonderful time, yeah.. but i am completely captivated by karen's *dress!!* now, that is looking like a vintage pattern maybe? and i can't help adoring the rick-rack.. sigh... i am completely addicted to rick-rack.

    my main reason for wanting to lose weight isn't for health or beauty- it's so that i can make myself some pretty dresses from my vintage patterns, lol

  6. In response to Persuaded's comment:

    If wearing vintage dresses and rick-rack (whatever rick-rack is) helps you to lose weight, please let me know. I've struggled with my weight, with varying degrees of victory, throughout my life. Even though I'm a guy, maybe wearing dresses is the answer. ; -)

  7. jeremy... honestly hon, i hate to disappoint you, but i think it's kind of a "girl thing";)

  8. Jeremy: thanks for the kudos, but I kinda think it was the providence of God that kept everyone safe from the hat pin missile.

    Kathryn & Victoria: I'm with you, my rides were limited to the ferris wheel and sliding board.

    topdeg: to each his own...

    Diane: Karen thanks you for your compliments. Maybe you'll have to come visit and have a vintage sewing party with our girls...

    Jeremy again: I'd take Persuaded's advice if I were you....