Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Corn in the backyard 2009, week 5

June 21

More rain and a bit of hot weather made for a growth spurt last week as the corn now measures 27 inches tall. You'll notice it's well past the "knee-high" stage and the 4th of July is two weeks away. Still not tall enough to provide a privacy fence, but it's getting there. Thanks for visiting!


  1. The one corn stalk close to you looks like it is about to shout, "Feed me Seymour!" and chomp your leg.

  2. Our corn here is at all sorts of stages... some fields it's as high as yours but in others it's barely 6-8 inches high. I'm not sure whether the difference is due to various species, or amounts of water or what, but I thought it was interesting. My oldest girl is growing Indian corn and hers is over 2 feet tall now.