Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Corn in the backyard 2009, week 2

May 31

Here's a close up view again since the corn is still only about 6 inches tall. Past experience tells me the growth is about to accelerate!


  1. It'll be this big before you know it:


  2. i love it when the crops are still so small that you can see the rows clearly as you pass by... everything just looks so neat and orderly! soon that field'll be a tangle of green.

    God is so good♥

  3. First, this comment comes with theme music that needs to be listened to first:



    "We now take you to Mitch Newsman who is on location at the Riggenbachs' backyard for Corn Watch 2009. So, Mitch, how's the corn growing this year?"

    "Well, Scotty Anchorman, the corn is growing at a feverish pace. Thanks to modern farming technology, this corn has a real chance to be a contender this year. Right now, it's neck-and-neck with watching paint dry, but most experts are predicting corn to pull it out this year. Will we have a photo finish this year? Who knows? However it turns out, we'll be onsite for all this year's exciting happenings surrounding Corn Watch 2009. Back to you, Scotty."

    "Thanks for the rousing report, Mitch. Be sure to visit this station often so that you don't miss the exciting conclusion to Corn Watch 2009."