Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg, Day 4

With the weather forecast predicting intermittent rain all day, we hit the ground running with a 9:30 AM garden tour.

Many of the gardens in the city are based on right angles and diagonals, so this elliptical shape in the backyard of the Orlando Jones House is a bit unusual.

Part of our troop waiting for our turn to tour Wetherburn's Tavern.

The private lounge for wealthier patrons included silver service for rent, and the best beverages in the establishment.

The public sleeping quarters. Wetherburn's was considered one of the finer establishments since only two men were expected to share the beds shown (other taverns would sell four spots in a bed that size). The bed linens were shaken out every day and washed once a month. It was considered proper etiquette to wake the men already in bed so no one would be sleeping with a stranger!

The private dining room available for hire with real silver, crystal, and china. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others key to Virginia's history were served in this room.

The kitchen behind the tavern included a "clock jack" spit with a pretty crude, but effective, worm gear.

The apothecary. One more reason I'm glad the Lord let me come into the world in the 20th century.

Some of our ladies strolling on Nicholson Street.

Karen calls this her favorite sweet little idyllic place in CW.

On the paths behind the Everard House.

Ending the day with the three final episodes of Cranford. Thanks for visiting!


  1. these are such beautiful shots... i can't believe *4* men were supposed to sleep in that one bed! i know folks were smaller back then, but still, how would they even fit??

    so interesting.

  2. It is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I can't imagine 4 stangers sleeping in a bed that size. ICK!