Thursday, February 19, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

...squeeze the juice out of 'em!
Karen's parents just returned from a three-week driving trip through Sedona, Phoenix, and Tucson, Arizona, and they just couldn't resist bringing home a trunk full of lemons. Karen and Lily did most of the work with the able assistance of the mighty Samson juicer courtesy of the McDonalds. We didn't count the lemons before we started, but they yielded almost three gallons of juice. Anyone have any good recipes that use a lot of lemon juice?

I'll bet Midwesterners are good entertainment for the folks in Arizona that have more fruit than they know what to do with. My in-laws remarked about how, "All that fruit was just going to go to waste!" which is probably a line the Arizonans hear on a regular basis during tourist season. Funny, I don't recall seeing anyone from the southwest scooping up all the zucchini we usually have sitting around at the end of summer; or should you happen to catch an Arizonan in the Midwest in the winter, I doubt you'll find them scooping snow into their suitcase while muttering, "All this snow is just going to go to waste!"


  1. This Arizona gal would be scooping up snow and saying that you are letting it go to waste! ;o) But then I am not an Arizonian by choice! ;o)

    Yesterday when we were in Tucson I ran into a little shop and they tried to give me a bunch of grapefruit!


  2. Wow, that's a lot of lemon juice! Well, you could make lemonade concentrate, which Tara inadvertently did once. She read the recipe wrong and added 6 cups of sugar instead of water. :-) Which necessitated adding a lot more lemon juice, and then we froze it and just added water whenever we wanted lemonade. :-)
    (hopefully she will forgive me for making that story known...)

  3. I stand corrected Heather. When you come to visit in the winter we'll have to get a photo of you gathering snow!

    Thanks for the suggestion Kathryn. Tara's secret is safe with us ... and the rest of the internet!

  4. you have such a sweet charming little spot here- and i have to say i loooove the dress you are wearing in the picture... did you sew it yourself? and may i ask what pattern it is?

    questions, questions, questions!

  5. Thanks for stopping by to visit, Diane. The dress is Jennie Chancey's Romantic dress. I made it 4 years ago out of flannel and it's been a cozy at home dress for the past 2 years (it's faded and Lily is embarrassed to have me wear it to church...)


  6. karen... thanks for letting me know. i was wondering if it was one of jennie's patterns! it's almost worth losing weight just to be able to sew such things for myself...
    it looks sweet to me- you can wear it to *my* church anytime, hon;)