Monday, February 9, 2009

I hate to tax your patience like this, but...

Since working through our income tax return has occupied a lot of spare time lately, that activity deserves a mention on the blog. Since photos of me studying records and spreadsheets may be even more tedious than the normal fare on this site, I'll only bother you with the logo below.

We've used eSmartTax to prepare and submit our tax returns since 2003 and have been very satisfied. We've used three different levels of their service over the years, from the free service to the premium level with the phone tax support last year. That was a weird experience: I filled out a form online requesting phone help, and within an hour a Liberty Tax employee from an office in Virginia called and answered any questions I had. Well worth $29.95 at the time. This year our return is simpler than last year, and we've come to the sobering point in life where Lily is too old to qualify for the Child Tax Credit. Ouch. There goes another $1,000. It seems like only yesterday that she first appeared as a dependent on our 1040. If you haven't found an online tax service you're happy with, I suggest you try eSmartTax. Since you don't pay until you submit your return, if you don't like it, you can just leave. Too bad they don't pay me for this advertisement.

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