Sunday, January 4, 2009

Construction update #27 -- Ya load sixteen tons and waddaya get?

In my case, you primarily get a backache. I only hauled about six tons instead of the sixteen mentioned in the song, but I had a hard time thinking of any other song over the course of the two days I spread white rock on the driveway one shovel at a time.

The fill sand/clay mixture that was spread in front of the garage doors made a nice driving surface as long as it was frozen, but was very messy when thawed, so another solution was needed. I spread the white rock on top of landscape fabric in hopes that the rock won't be swallowed by the mud underneath so easily, and only ordered enough rock to cover the approach to the door where the car is parked. The picture above is a couple hours into the second afternoon when I had my routine well memorized and a misty rain kept things moist.

Here's the view from the house roof the next day showing the extent of my progress until I ran out of fabric. I intentionally wanted to save a bit of the rock in case I need to make the layer of rock thicker anywhere, so I think this configuration should be good for at least a few days.

The normal shot from the house roof finally shows a discernible change. Did someone mention something about a mind that's weak and a back that's strong? I don't think soreness can be equated with strength, but I'll believe the weak mind part.


  1. Oh!!! It's so delightfully cute! What a charming little barn...'twould appear we have a chicken palace and y'all now have the car palace. You are gonna paint it red and white, right? :)

  2. Is it legal to paint a barn anything other than red and white?

  3. Oh great I had just gotten that song out of my head and I came over to check and see if there was a new post and now it's back in!! I guess that is what I get for having a weak mind! ;o)

    I love your new barn!