Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeking out some socialization

We needed to run over to a friend's house to borrow a dress pattern, and we all agreed that we would stay no more than 15 minutes since we knew they were busy with the garden and yard work preparing for entertaining their extended family. Who do we think we're fooling? Time flies when you're having fun, and the fellowship is always so sweet it's hard to tear ourselves away. Our apologies for catching them all in their work clothes.
Halo, Misty, Willow, & Echo listening to Karen describe Gretel's new swimming costume as Lily looks on. Notice the sweet corn and popcorn in the background (I'm salivating already).

Making the guests feel welcome on the new swing.

Echo, Halo on Willow's lap, Meadow, Indigo, and Anchor on Misty's lap all sit in rapt attention. I wonder what very clever thing Karen was entertaining them with...

You can see Arrow on the left in this shot. It appears that Halo's attention span has been exceeded (two moderately clever things?).

Our family enjoying a little snuggling time with little Shepherd.

I also apologize to John for pulling his family away from their work when there was plenty to be done.

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