Monday, April 16, 2012

Colonial Williamsburg in April, Day 2

Our second day in the historic district found us meandering through a variety of experiences.

Tim was the only one in our group that hadn't experienced Charlton's Coffeehouse, so we all joined him for the 2012 version of the tour.  As before, we began in the private room which is furnished with the latest wallpaper from England, wall-to-wall woven floor coverings, comfortable furniture, and gilded wall decorations.

The tour then proceeded to the public serving area, but to our surprise (and dismay) we weren't served beverages there.  Our guide then took us through Mr. Charlton's private office area and into the basement kitchen where we were happy to see beverages being served.  The chocolate was served in paper cups instead of china, but it was still delicious.

We were privileged to watch the filming of a live webcast of an episode of CW's Revolutionary City street drama, which was followed by a moderated panel discussion involving two of the actors and two gentlemen responsible for the production of the Revolutionary City series.

The panel took questions from both the online and on-site audiences, and our friend Rachel was honored to address the panel.  This picture was taken just before this camera went live with "a question from a guest on Duke of Gloucester Street."  We were told the webcast will be archived and available for viewing in a few days, so we'll give you a link when we have one.  Rumor has it that Rachel was not the only one of our party caught on camera that day.

Some of our lovely ladies relaxing in the garden outside the Powell House.

Inside the Powell House, Tim and Elizabeth try to best the interpreter at an alphabet game while there appears to be a party erupting in the hallway.  Coincidentally, this is the room where we first met the Madeiras eight years ago.

A series of these engravings adorned the walls of the parlor at the Powell House, contrasting the behavior of the industrious 'prentice and the lazy 'prentice.  This image shows the industrious apprentice at worship and references Psalm 119:97, "O How I love thy Law it is my meditation all the day."  I didn't take pictures of the lazy apprentice engravings as they weren't very edifying.

Lily redid the polonaising on this Robe a la Anglais you've seen on this blog before.  On this day she wore it over her new petticoat and added a couple new accessories.
From the back it should be obvious that the polonaising is now accomplished with internal loops instead of external ones.

This closer view shows Lily's new miniature and nosegay.

All of us except Karen were able to enjoy Death by Chocolate this evening.  I can report that it is still as rich, chocolaty, smooth, moist, and delicious as ever.  Have I mentioned it's good to be on vacation?


  1. What a wonderful post, and great photos! We love that your visits have become such a tradition -- and that you've made lasting friendships from them.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. CW -- Thanks for providing a great place to vacation! Check out all our posts with the "Williamsburg" label to see CW through our eyes!