Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beautiful sunset #25 seen two ways

January 4, 4:49 PM

The sunset on January 4 was so big and beautiful that even the widest angle view through my camera didn't really do it justice.  So I thought this 180-degree video sweep might do.

(you can watch the wide-screen version here)

Actually, even that seemed less impressive than it did when I was standing there in the middle of it.  Maybe next time I'll just have to climb on the roof and shoot a 360-degree video.


  1. Kurt,
    We did not bother to watch your video. As it will fall depressingly short of the one where you stand on the roof. When will this next addition be ready for viewing??? Oh, wait, do you have ice and snow on your roof? Use your best judgement! :)

  2. Ok, the curiosity got the best of us. We watched the video. Beautiful, Just Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this magnificent sunset! :) The Whitakers

  3. Whitakers, thanks for taking the pressure off to produce that "on roof" video. I think it will happen eventually, but since it depends on good sky/sunset conditions and about 10 minutes of ladder prep, don't hold your breath.