Saturday, September 10, 2011

Corn in the backyard 2011, harvest!

September 8

Growing degree days since planting = 2931
Historical average since planting = 2608

Harvest started on September 7 and finished the next day, and appeared to be a bit more challenging than normal.  Farmer Wagenbach identified stalk rot in sections of the field and chose to harvest quickly before more stalks fell over (which is evidently called "lodging" in farmer-speak).  I didn't actually see the corn go in the ground in the spring, but I believe there were 121 days between planting and the first day of harvest.

No report on the yield yet, but you can see plenty of pretty yellow kernels flowing into the combine hopper in this photo.  The weather cooperated nicely for harvest, although now that the field behind our house is done, I'd like to see a good bit of rain.

The season ended sooner than I expected this year, so I apologize to all those that were looking forward to a few more corn posts.  I guess we'll just have to busy ourselves with something else until next spring.


  1. Busy ourselves until next year...... you mean there will be no corn decomposition posts:-(

  2. Sorry John, no decomposition watching planned for this winter.

  3. We are all very sad to hear this! Maybe you could start a new DIY project? :) Or take the family on a wonderful trip? :) Just a few suggestions.

  4. No more corn posts? Whatever will we do. :)


  5. Victoria -- I think we're left with twiddling our thumbs for the next seven months.