Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hops cone development

When we last reported on our hops plants about four weeks ago, the bines were almost at their full length, and the cones had just started to appear.  What a difference a few weeks makes!  The cones are developing nicely, and although they are smaller than I expected, many of them are approaching full size.

This gives you a little perspective on size.  Next time I'll try to remember to include a ruler in the photo.
This shot better illustrates just how many cones are developing on the Cascade bines.  Unfortunately, the Willamette bines are showing a distinct paucity of cones, although plenty of foliage.  I don't know if that reflects a difference in each variety's time to bear fruit, or is a reflection of the general health of the bine.  When I planted the rhizomes, the Cascades were noticeably more robust.

It appears that we will at least have a good harvest of Cascade this year, and maybe next year will be more fruitful for the Willamette.

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