Friday, June 10, 2011

Let the discounts begin!

I didn't notice all the items on my receipt at Long John Silver's this evening. Evidently I'm officially part of the senior crowd now. I've underlined the line that says, "SEN04 10% snr" and then shows 10% of my total subtracted from my bill. I didn't ask for it. I don't think I was even dressed very seniorish. But the cashier gave me 10%, which I'm happy to accept.

It's one of those things that you expect to experience eventually, and since AARP considers me a senior now, I almost feel entitled!

I think my daughters are mortified.


  1. She probably figured that with all that grease fish clogging your arteries, you'll age instantly anyways.

  2. Were Karen and your daughters with you? Perhaps the cashier saw their dresses and assumed that y'all were from the mid-1800s but still kickin' it Methuselah style.

  3. If we all go out to dinner together do we get to partake of the senior benefit? Doug has been looking pretty gray lately! :)

  4. Mr. Yen -- I suppose it's too late now to avoid the effects of last night's dinner.

    Jeremy -- Karen and the girls were with me, but no one was dressed earlier than the 20th century. I appreciate your attempt at trying to explain away my elderly appearance.

    Whitakers -- Doug may have to work pretty hard to look as old as me. Although, if he continues to work in the fields all day without sunscreen, he may pass me before you know it.

  5. What does Karen think about being married to an "old guy?" :)


  6. Victoria -- Karen's had 25 years to adapt to being married to an old guy, she just makes it clear that she is NOT in my age bracket.