Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Twenty-four hours later, the radar indicates that it's all over but the blowing. The skies are clear over our house right now, but the snow continues to redistribute itself.

We haven't seen a plow on our road since yesterday afternoon, and have heard that the interstate highways are shut down except for emergency vehicles. The National Weather Service measured Peoria's snowfall at 15 inches, but we'd be hard pressed to confirm that here.

This is the view this morning to the southeast. Notice the bare spot on the driveway, and the drift closer to the house. I'd estimate the drift at a bit over two feet, and will confirm depth when I take the shovel out later. The tracks on the road were made by our neighbor's tractor that has a big snow auger on the back end (which can be seen at the far right of the photo).

Here's the view to the southwest that shows bare grass by the barn and drifts over three feet closer to the deck. Notice also the bare wood on the deck, where the wind evidently likes to keep things moving.

The view to the west-southwest shows a nice drift next to the snow fence which is probably a result of the wind switch to the northwest last night at about 2 AM. The drift on the deck is big enough that it will probably be ignored for quite a few days.

Finally, the view to the south-southwest shows one major drift in front of the garage and an interesting little drift to the right of the chlorine feeder tube that runs about 50 feet across the yard, driveway, and into the field -- I wonder what caused that one to be formed?

Considering the forecast, things are not as buried as I expected, but reports from around the area indicate it will take awhile to plow all the roads. In the meantime, I guess we'll pop some popcorn and settle into a bit more relaxing.

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  1. Wow! It is so pretty. It is actually snowing up at the mine, but sunnyish down here.
    Enjoy your popcorn and movies.

  2. We didn't get nearly as much as was forecasted either... but still quite enough to close things down apparently. Noah went out twice today to shovel and even if we don't get anymore snow overnight he'll still have lots to do tomorrow morning... cleaning up and taking care of drifts and the ends of driveways and such where the plows dump all that heavy icy snow. Now that he's big enough to take care of all of our snow removal needs, I almost miss being out there myself bright and early. (almost being the operant word in that sentence;-})

    All you Riggenbachs stay warm and cozy, y'hear? ☺

  3. So, did your cats (assuming that you still have both) find shelter from the snow?

  4. Heather -- popcorn AND smores made in the wood stove!

    Diane -- you can count on us to give priority to staying warm and cozy. I really missed Noah here when I shoveled out the driveway!

    Jeremy -- the cats were smart enough to stay on their heated mats in the garage most of the day, although I did see kitty footprints in the snow around their door.

  5. I had forgotten about snow fencing. Did you find it helped much with this particular snow storm?


  6. Victoria -- the snow fence has done almost everything I hoped it would do this winter: there is no deep snow next to the barn or on the walkway, making it easier to get to the barn, while a 50" deep drift sits next to the fence. Unfortunately, the deck also acts as a snow fence, so we commonly have a drift just to the south of the deck. I'm not sure what to do about that other than changing the position of the snow fence slightly next winter.