Sunday, December 12, 2010

More wind than we need

Even though we haven't received a lot of snow, and the wind is only gusting to 40 mph, that's enough to create "white-out" conditions and make us glad we're inside today. On the bright side, the snow fence appears to be doing it's job, and we should have a few nice drifts to play in by the time the storm is done. Here's a short video of the snow in the backyard at 11:32 this morning (which might be more entertaining in full screen mode on YouTube):

If you listen closely, you can hear "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" in the background.


  1. Looks just like our house. I could even hear the music...but that's probably becuase that just so happened to be playing on my computer when I clicked the video!

    Missed y'all today!

  2. Since we moved into town we have virtually no wind to contend with- all the houses act as blocks for each other... still we have more than enough snow to play in most days. Right now we are experiencing freezy rainy kind of conditions, though. Noah is usually outside first thing every morning shoveling all the neighbors walks and driveways, but tomorrow morning I think he'll be chipping ice... always a fun activity at 5am:-/

    Oh well, he'll have a good appetite for his breakfast anyway!

  3. Do you have any good drifts at your house, Sheri?

    Maybe less wind, but I would guess you get a lot more snow than we do, Diane. I'm curious, how much do you get in an average winter?

  4. Alrighty.. I actually had to go google my town to see what our average snowfall is. Apparently we get approximately 93.7 inches/year. In other words, we get a lot of snow. It makes driving difficult and treacherous, but Noah has been able to make a fair bundle of money by shoveling the neighbors' walks and driveways so it all evens out, I suppose;-}

  5. Diane -- I suspected you might get a bunch, since you live a short jaunt from that big body of water. Does anyone bother washing their car in the winter with all that snow?

  6. Well, of course, the finer men of my church always keep their cars washed up in tip-top shape. The rest of us aren't quite so diligent I'm afraid. And by "the rest of us," of course I really mean.... me!