Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Providence Independence Day Celebration

The Sanford family once again graciously invited the entire church to their home for our Independence Day celebration (on the 3rd this year). Although the temps were warm, the shade trees in the yard coupled with a light wind made for delightful weather for an afternoon and evening outdoors. Of course, what made the day truly delightful was simply being together as a church family, as evidenced by the following photos...

Geneva, who like the other two-year-olds, couldn't get enough of the sliding board.

Ruth, pensively looking for a playmate.

Mr. Niesen in a rare moment when he found a chair to sit in. His level of activity makes the rest of us dads look like couch potatoes. Okay, maybe the rest of us ARE couch potatoes.

Mr. Castle and Mr. Vest doing little to dispel the notion that the rest of us are couch potatoes. Actually, they had just finished dinner and were thinking fond thoughts of dessert.

Micah and Johanna in a deep and stimulating conversation with Elder McDonald. Evidently little Henry has never heard anything quite so shocking!

Elder Price wondering why the dessert was moved inside so early.

Ashton, after donning colonial garb, felt the muse come upon him and demanded an opportunity to read the text of the Declaration of Independence.

And last but not least, little Caleb who is showing evidence that it's close to bed time (since he's clutching dad's pants leg).

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Ya'll coming up for ours???

  2. It sounded like so much fun! I was so looking forward to it!(I was sick) Hopefully, I can go next year!!

  3. I love all of the facial expressions you've captured.. and your captions! My personal favorite is Elder Price looking so serenely philosophical and deep in thought, and then the reveal that he was in fact, lamenting the early departure of dessert. hee hee hee

  4. Looks like everyone had a blessed time of Christian fellowship.


  5. looks like fun! hmmm that colonial costume looks strangely familiar... :)

  6. Tara -- I thought Independence Day was over already...

    Sarah -- we missed you and we also hope you can make it next year

    Diane -- we all think about dessert a lot

    Victoria -- it was blessed, even for us introverts

    Laura -- good observation, although you probably could have spotted that one with half your brain tied behind your back!

  7. Mr. Riggenbach- Yes, Independence Day is over, but we moved our party to the Saturday after instead of the Saturday before. Didn't you get the invite??