Friday, July 23, 2010

Corn in the backyard 2010, weeks 11 & 12

July 11

July 18 (8:18 PM)

We were off having fun last weekend, so we weren't home for the normal 9 AM corn shoot on Sunday morning. I hope that inconsistency in the data doesn't cause anyone too much consternation. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I'm sure no consternation was caused, due to the fact that I doubt any growth occurred from sunrise to sundown, and if there was some growth, I'm pretty confident it was within the fault tolerance of normal measurements of corn height. :-)

    It would seem that thus far, many farmers have much to be thankful for! Other than some water damage, it appears that most of the corn is doing pretty good! Lord willing we'll have an excellent crop this year!! :D

  2. That corn is really doing well. Is it the same non-human consumption type as last year?


  3. Emil -- the data seems to indicate that the stalk growth is done for this year, and the plant is now developing the ear and starting to dry out. I agree that our farmer friends appear to be blessed again this year.

    Victoria -- the corn is not sweet corn that one would eat off the cob while the kernels are still soft and juicy; it is the same kind of corn that goes into corn chips, corn oil, gasohol, plastics, etc.