Saturday, July 17, 2010

Construction update #36

This little job was way overdue, but because it had a couple of preparatory steps that were bigger than my tools, it took awhile to get to where we are today. You may remember we had the electrical service to our house changed so that it ran underground and not through one of the trees in our front yard. Before the service was changed, we had run conduit underground most of the way from the barn to the house, but stopped short of the house until we knew where the new meter would be hung. After the new meter was hung, my buddy Bud temporarily ran wires to the barn from the new meter through the incomplete conduit. In order to finish running all the conduit, we had to move the phone box to the side of the house, remove the old 24' long pole, and remove the remnants of the old service that were still underground.

Having accomplished the preparatory tasks, the coast was clear to finish the conduit for the barn main supply, and add a couple of extra conduits for potential future needs to run other wires to the barn. The phone line is the only one left that needs some attention. You'll notice I had to add a few feet of wire when I moved the box from the pole to the side of the house, so we have at least two splices in the yard that I'm aware of. I'll probably run another conduit through this dirt area just for the phone line so when we pour the section of sidewalk that's been removed, the new phone line can be pulled through easily.

This is the first time in over 50 years that there hasn't been a pole or ditch in this part of the yard, and hopefully we'll have grass growing here soon so you'll have few clues about all that's been changed in this area lately. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Electrical work is always such a big project. My husband once ran lines from our garage to a chicken shed when we decided they needed some warming lights.
    Glad your project went well.


  2. Thanks Victoria. So far, so good.