Monday, May 31, 2010

Corn in the backyard 2010, weeks 4 and 5

May 23

May 30


  1. Wow.. quite a difference between the two weeks! I don't know as the corn is even up yet here.

  2. Hey, I looked up the information on what the normal spacing is between rows, and according to IA state University, it's normally 30"

    So I was about 6" off :-)

  3. Diane -- warm, dry weather in April meant early planting for most of the farmers around here, but it appears the growth rate is a bit slower than last year. I'll have to publish a chart soon so we can all analyze the data!

    Emil -- thanks for checking, it looks like Farmer Wagenbach uses 30" spacing too

  4. Glad to see the corn is coming along. Our garden has been suffering from a gluttonous rabbit. I had to replant my beans a few weeks ago after he had them all for dinner.


  5. Victoria -- so sorry to hear about your garden. A number of years ago I decided my only hope in deterring rabbits was with wire fencing. That was successful until the baby bunnies discovered they could jump high enough to get through the holes that were too small for their parents. Fortunately they grew too big for those holes too.