Saturday, April 17, 2010

Heard today...

... at the American Vision Midwest Regional Worldview Conference at Providence Church in Morton, Illinois.

"You will not change the world as President of the United States; you will change the world with the heart of your little boy." -- Kevin Swanson

"The question is: Who is teaching the fear of God in the chemistry classroom?" -- Kevin Swanson

"Charity never, ever belongs to the state. Every time we send a brother or sister to Caesar for help, we rob Jesus of glory." -- James Lansberry

"Stealing from your neighbor is wrong." -- James Lansberry


  1. I especially like number 2. Oh and number 4... and number 5 too!

    Oh heavens, they're all good... thanks for sharing☺

  2. Excellent comments. American Vision is located here in our area of the country. We will be seeing the folks from that organization in just a few weeks at our state convention.



  3. Diane -- next time you'll have to trek on out here and join us. The live sessions were as good as you might imagine.

    Victoria -- I hope you all are blessed by the fellowship and teaching at your state convention.