Wednesday, October 14, 2009


With rain in the forecast for the next few days, Tuesday, October 13 turned out to be a good day to harvest corn. The field behind our house was the first one Farmer Wagenbach planted last spring and the first one he's harvested this fall. A test of the moisture content of the most moist ears revealed that although the corn would require drying at the elevator, it met Farmer Wagenbach's goal for beginning harvest.

Like many other harvest days when the weather is less than ideal, Farmer Wagenbach's operation was a race against the clock. Because so much grain requires artificial drying this year, the grain elevator was not accepting loads after 4:30 PM. Like many other farmers, Farmer Wagenbach tried to get one more load into the elevator before the deadline so he could fill his trucks again before he called it a night. I guess the silver lining in this scenario is that there aren't many farmers out in the fields until late at night.

The golden stream that farmers wait for all summer. Hopefully the weather will present enough opportunities to continue harvesting, and this year's crop won't be a disappointment. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh no, oh no! The corn is gone!!! How will I carry on with life? Furthermore, how will Kurt get his measuring-and-graphing fix outside of CAT now that the corn is gone?

  2. Ahhh... all those beautiful rustle-y cornstalks being crushed for something as trivial as mere feed! when they could be put to good use decorating *my* front porch! the injustice!.... or something.. yeah..

  3. Don't fear Jeremy, there are plenty of other things in the world to measure and graph.

    Diane -- I hope your farmer friend does some careful hand harvesting on your behalf so the pain of injustice might be relieved...