Sunday, September 20, 2009

Corn in the backyard 2009, week 17

September 13

In just one week there is noticeable drying in the husks of the ear, and those kernels that are visible look very good. I haven't noticed anyone harvesting corn yet in our neighborhood, which is very late for these parts. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Kurt,

    The thought just occurred to me--with all the pics and data plotting that you've done this season, you could be called a cornstalk-er. ; -)

  2. I posted pictures of corn on my blog too! (of course, I strategically placed adorable children within the corn to heighten interest... not that pictures of corn in and of themselves aren't gripping blog fodder, of course. yeah.)

    Our corn here in NY appears to be at the same stage as yours is... very interesting since they didn't start out the same. Do you suppose it's due to differing varieties of corn?