Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Colonial Williamsburg Postlude

Just a couple more images to wrap up the Williamsburg adventure. The first image is from the rear balcony of the Bruton Parish Church during a service in May of 2007. I think this vantage point shows the beauty of the building better than the view from the ground.

It's neat to sit in that building and ponder the variety of people that have worshipped here over the past 294 years.

Lastly, a view of the number of visitors and pages viewed over the past month. Granted, the posts had been a bit dull leading up to May, but we've never seen visitors and page views in those kind of quantities in the past. My conclusion: we need to take the Madeira family on vacation with us more often!


  1. Something that makes it even cooler to ponder 294 years of folk worshipping at that church is that you will have eternity to meet them.

    I am really looking forward to reuniting with the saints that I have known who have passed away and getting to meet those ones that I've only read about. Linda Ben-Ezra, John the Baptist, Helen Martin (an older lady from a church that I used to attend), and Dietrich Bonhoeffer are high on my list...following Jesus, of course.

  2. i for one, have positively loved this little peek into your vacation. i've had my own vicarious trip to williamsburg by visiting your blog every day... ever so much easier on the pocketbook than going myself;)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures. We spent our honeymoon at Williamsburg 25 years ago and took our children there on our 10th anniversary. Now we are looking at another trip there for the upcoming homeschool days. I really enjoyed seeing and remembering all things to see in this wonderful historical village via your pictures.