Saturday, October 11, 2008

Construction update #18

Gene and I were too busy today to get any in-process shots, so these end-of-the-day shots will have to do. We spent the day adding sheathing to the east and west walls to make them complete enough to run the house wrap over the entire end (at least on the east side). The trusses on the dormers are also braced plumb now, and several trusses have received 6" spikes to make sure they don't escape from the rest of the building.

This shot of the east side is for all our friends that look at the building and say, "What is it?" I thought it was obvious with the 9 foot wide openings at the bottom, but I think the windows on the second floor are too incongruent with the first floor for some of our friends' minds to comprehend. For the record: just because it has a gambrel roof, we do not have to have livestock or crops to store.

As always, the view from the house roof. As you saw in yesterday's post, and can tell from the perspective lines, the peak of the roof is above my head when I stand on the house roof.

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