Sunday, October 5, 2008

Construction update #16

Saturday did see some activity on the garage as Gene and I were both available most of the day. To my delight, I was able to help put some walls together as is evidenced by this section which would become the north dormer.

Here's Gene plumbing some of the north walls in preparation for adding sheathing next week.

A view from the southwest looking toward the dormer on the north. We finally had to stop building walls when we ran out of studs. I guess Gene and Sam will need another delivery of lumber on Monday -- maybe including some roof trusses.

I had to get this shot of Gene sitting on top of the west wall using the circular saw to cut the excess off the wall plate. Don't tell Joyce that his seat is about twenty feet above ground and he's holding a sharp blade that's spinning over 5,000 rpm... although she's doubtless seen him in more precarious situations. Let me repeat: don't forget to pray for the safety of everyone on the job!

A satisfying Saturday left the garage looking like this by 5 PM. Over half of the second floor walls are built, and the Lord has blessed us with wonderful weather.

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