Thursday, September 18, 2008

Construction update #9

Tuesday --
Now that the rain has passed and the gravel in the garage is leveled, Gene layed out the styrofoam and attached the heating system lines to the foam. In this picture from Tuesday, he's mounting the cement form boards to the foundation in preparation for the cement pouring scheduled for Thursday.

Here's a closer shot of the heater lines and the water supply line rising vertically from the floor near the north wall.

This is the way everything was left on Tuesday evening. The heater lines are all in place, and the forms are in place everywhere except the north side 3-foot door. Almost ready for cement.

Thursday --

Thursday was a beautiful cement pouring day with plenty of sun and a light breeze. Brett Kaiser and his crew showed up a little before the cement trunk arrived at about 9:45. If I knew anything about concrete, I'd say they are probably going to need to spread that cement pretty thin if they want to cover everything. Speaking of covering everything, yes, I did put some digitally-produced shirts on the guys so the ladies in the audience wouldn't be embarassed.

Now the crew's got a bit more cement. As you can tell, they finished the concrete in four sections so it was more managable to work with. They've done a primary float on the southwest corner, and they're moving on to the northwest. Do you think they're wearing sunscreen?

Brett and Nick wait for the truck chute to come into position so they can fill the last corner while Danny floats the west half.

Here's the finished product in the evening after several more iterations of troweling and floating.

And this is the view from the roof of the house on Thursday, September 18. After the concrete sets up for a few days, we'll be ready to start working with wood!

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